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We work on a large range on conditions through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice, helping to manage pain and improve quality of life.


Neck pain can occur after various events: After an accident such as whiplash, due to sustained poor postures such as regular use of a computer, or as a result of wear and tear. In some cases pain can be referred from the neck down into the shoulder or arm and hand.

In addition, headaches are often due to problems with the neck, which may be as a result of pain, stiffness or muscle tension in the neck and upper back.

We can identify why you have neck problems and help you overcome them.


Back pain is very common and can be very disabling and demoralising, as well as painful. At times this can be a localised problem in the lower back but on occasions it can also refer pain into the hip or down the leg.

We will identify why exactly you have back pain and help you to treat, manage and prevent future recurrence.


We pride ourselves on the management, immediate care, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

However the injury may have occurred and whatever it may be, our early intervention can help to improve recovery times and ensure expert management of the injury to allow for a swift return to sporting activities. Our treatment is also beneficial for long standing injuries and overuse problems. We have a special interest in distance running, triathlons and cycling.


Joints problems can be a common source of pain. The joint may be painful because of injury, wear and tear, stiffness or overuse.

We will persevere to identify whether the problem is with the joint or if it is a structural problem e.g. due to a cartilage, ligament, tendon or surrounding muscle issue.


We have an enhanced recover programme in place at the clinic. Physiotherapy has been shown through research to be beneficial both before and after surgery and our programme consists of equipping the patient for their entire operative journey.


Pre-operative care is beneficial as it helps to strengthen the patient prior to surgery and primes joints, muscles, and other soft tissues for the procedure. Preparation prior to surgery will equip the patient for post-operative rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation after your surgery is essential to regain movement, strength and function. Research has shown that patients who receive physiotherapy immediately after their surgery have better outcomes than those who do not have regular physiotherapy after their operation.

Our post-operative care normally begins within days of the procedure and follows the patient through to the final stages of their rehabilitation. We have extensive experience managing patients through total hip and knee replacements, Birmingham hips, ligament reconstruction, rotator cuff and spinal surgery amongst others.


We are happy to discuss any concerns or offer advice. To book a consultation please call us on 028 9447 2288. Please leave a message on the system if you do not get through and we will call you back as soon as we can (we may be busy with a patient).

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